What is the importance of good handwriting?

Handwriting is an integral part of our educational system. Good handwriting is the platform for achievement in one's life. A person's handwriting can enforce the impulses and characteristics of the individual. Good handwriting is always an essential skill that everyone should have. An individual with good handwriting is held in high esteem and draws attention of other people.

Mahatma Gandhi, father of our nation and one of the greatest personalities in the world history, regretted his poor handwriting and he mentioned the same in his autobiography. He wrote “ Let every young man and woman be warned by my example and understood that good handwriting is a necessary part of education”.

Centuries ago, when there were no computers, laptops and printing machines, the speeches and sayings of the world famous personalities were written in good handwriting and preserved, even now they are treated “treasure”.In 324 BC during Chandra Gupta Mauryan era 'Arthasastra' by Chanakya and 'Indika' by Megasthenes were written in good handwriting. Records reveal that the emperor was pleased with their handwriting and they were rewarded with valuable gifts.

How do students with good handwriting score better marks than the others?

Although the technology has taken over pen and paper, it does not mean that children don't have to use traditional means of writing. From K.G to P.G almost all examinations are hand written. A clean and legible handwriting is a boon not only to the person who writes but also to the person who reads it. A good handwriting leads to stronger academic performance as it draws good marks.

A child with a bad handwriting cannot impress the examiner. Thereby a child with shabby handwriting may get low marks for a correct and well written answer. Therefore a child with good handwriting may score higher marks than a child with bad handwriting eventhough both answers are same.

Our Materials

We provide 7 books, 1 writing & wiping pad, 6 pens and 1CD / Memory card.
7 books
1 writing & wiping pad
6 pens
1CD (or) Memory card.

About our books

  • Book 1: Gives practice for writing capital and small letters in cursive.
  • Book 2: Gives practice for joining two letter words.
  • Book 3: Gives practice for joining 3,4 letter words.
  • Book 4: Gives practice for joining letters from a to z and z to a.

If the child is able to practise Book 4 well, it enables the child to practise Books 5, 6 & 7. Books 5,6 and 7 :Give practice for joining 4 and 5 letter words and help students to write the sentences and paragraphs in cursive.

Writing & Wiping pad

The writing and wiping pad is used for practising letters and words without wasting paper. The students can write on writing pad with gel pen and wipe with wet cotton. When the pad is dried, students can write and practise many number of times on the pad. So they can save the paper. After practising in wiping pad they can practise in a book.

CD / Memory card

The CD / Memory card is supplied along with the material. It gives an idea how to write small letters, capital letters ,how to join two letter words, 3, 4, 5 letter words and sentences. You can put it in a tab or a laptop or a computer and watch and clear your doubts. We are the first educational firm in India to introduce electronic devices to teach cursive hand writing.

Importance of Cursive Handwriting

English is a universal language which unites the entire world. So we have to write English in internationally accepted writing script. Writing English in cursive way is internationally accepted. Cursive handwriting requires more skill than print writing. We can acquire this skill only by practice. In cursive writing there is uninterrupted movement of hand that makes cursive letters easier for children and in print writing there is a gap between every letter and it looks like scattered letters. Cursive writing looks stylish, unique and pleases the eyes of the readers. We find these differences after going through two handwriting scripts, eg: cursive writing and print writing.



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About US

"Vision International Educom" is an educational firm which has been using innovative methods in teaching field in India and abroad for the last 25 years. For example we are the first to introduce electronic devices to help students in handwriting. The experts who have been in the teaching field for last 30 years developed these innovative methods to improve the handwriting skill of the students. Cursive handwriting training is one of the training programmes undertaken by this firm.

How do we train the students at school?

Support of parents is the key success factor of this training programme. Parents should know the importance of good handwriting and they should motivate younger children to acquire good handwriting skill. The handwriting practice should be started from lower classes. The credit of good handwriting should be given to primary school teachers. The patience of them is immensible and their contribution is immense. This is the right age to start practising handwriting.

Students from class I to X can take part in this programme.

Parents may have a doubt that this programme may affect the day-to-day studies of their child.

"NO", It doesn't affect regular study. At first ( I and II classes), we require 10 minutes writing practice at school and 10minutes homework practice at home. Other classes (III to X), students require 5minutes practice at school and 5 minutes practice at home. Handwriting is an art.. We can acquire it only through regular practice. It takes 5 to 6 months to learn basics, i.e. how to write the letters, words and sentences. Once, good handwriting skill is acquired, students should practise everyday five minutes till class X.

There is a saying, "Practice makes man perfect ". Once good handwriting skill is acquired , it lasts till the end of one's last breath. Good handwriting reflects standard of the students who come out of the school after their schooling. By seeing handwriting of the students, the standard of school can be judged. Students always feel proud of their school when others appreciate their handwriting.

How do we train your children?

Every state is divided into two zones. Each zone is headed by a zonal head. Zonal head monitors handwriting programme of schools under his/her zone. There will be experienced handwriting trainers working under him/her. These trainers train the teachers of that particular school. First we select teachers handling English and Social Studies. Our trainers will give intensive training to the teachers and we train the students with the help of these trained teachers. These teachers will be given incentives by the organisation.

In every school , there will be a head trainer to monitor the training programme. Head trainer monitors the progress of the training programme and records the same. Progress of every child will be recorded.

We require 6 to 10 minutes to train the students. Teachers handling English and Social Studies train the students alternate days. So subject teaching will not be affected. The teachers take only 6 to 10 minutes to give training to children at school.

Same matter will be given as homework and it can be completed with in 10 minutes at home. After one month of training we conduct two tests of 5 minutes duration. The question papers will be supplied by the organisation. We send corrected answer papers keeping them in a file to the parents for verification. We check improvement of handwriting of each child at every stage. If we find any student lagging behind, we will give him/her special attention and we see to it that he or she comes on par with other students. Same will be intimated to the parents periodically. Every month we conduct same type of tests. At the end of the academic year, we send all the valued test papers kept in a file to the parents.

If we conduct training in this way with the support of the parents and teachers we can assure 100 percent guarantee for good handwriting of your child.

Duration of the Course

The duration of the course is one year. We give 100% perfection of handwriting within this one year. If some students left out without improvement of their handwriting, we give them 3 months free coaching and collecting the materials we supply during this period.

After training the students have to follow the following practise.

  • If a child is trained for one year, he/she should continue to practise the cursive handwriting one page everyday till class IX.
  • If the school requires our help we will assist the students throughout their schooling.
  • We collect only very nominal fee from the students.

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